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Mental Health

Discuss with a psychologist:  Not diagnosis driven, this service is an informal discussion with a professional to decide if consultations with a psychologist may be right for your concern. The aim is to help you decide how to approach your issue with a professional, or it may give perspective and the ease of mind to proceed on your own.

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How may a psychologist be of help?

Psychologists are trained to understand how thoughts and feelings affect how we behave and act. Discussing difficult events or changes in your life with a psychologist can offer the insight to help you better cope with your reactions and interact with those around you.
A psychologist is someone outside your family and friends to provide support through a life crisis or help in adjusting behavioral patterns that creates problems for you. Anything from managing challenges of a difficult job situation, or understanding a mental illness is within the scope of a psychologists work.
The challenges of a job change or a difficult relationship, or understanding your mental illness is within the scope of a psychologists work.
Psychologists are licensed medical personnel that are bound by patient confidentiality and required to keep medical records. Patient confidentiality may only be broken if your or someone else's life is in danger.

AMS Psychologists

Sharthan Simoons
Experienced couples councellor and municipal family therapist.
AMS eClinic
+47 4000 2640
Oslo Science Park
Gaustadalléen 21
0349 Oslo