Medical assistance when you need it
and self care services when it suits you.

AMS can answer questions on health issues, provide medical consultations or guide you to the appropriate level of care.

The AMS specialist doctors, nurses and care handlers can help you before, during and after an incident.

Home, Travel or Work - we provide assistance word wide.

Health service whenever you need it!

Use our unique AI based Self Care services anytime and book a consultation with our experienced nurses, doctors or specialists when needed.


Nurse and doctor consultations
Nurse Triage – structured interview or GP consultation
Specialist consultations

Holistic approach

AMS' services are developed to help you care and plan for your good health - before, during and after an incident.

- Preventive selfcare
- Medical Assistance at the right level of care
- Rehabilitation and medical debrief
We ensure the right level of care
or bring you where it may be provided - worldwide!
Since 2016, AMS has assisted over 30.000 Nordic patients in more than 200 countries. We are a leading provider of international medical assistance and patient transport in the Nordics. Our team boasts over 30 years experience.
AMS' Medical Control Center (MCC) is the core of our services. Our secured digital interaction and tailor-made tools ensure efficient care processes and real time documentation of all our medical actions. AMS complies with EU and Norwegian healthcare regulations.
AMS offer medical services for international patient transport in association with air ambulance partners. We assist patients on commercial flights and assume medical responsibility during air ambulance transport (Bed to Bed)
The AMS medical platform comprise medical records, medical dashboard and online BI reporting to form the backbone of our virtual response center. Our operations are scalable and designed to operate in parallel sessions.

This ensures secure interaction with patients, their relatives, our medical network and AMS partners around the world.

Integration with AMS services

Please get in touch to learn about our services and how they may be adapted to support insurance schemes and Occupational Health Services
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